The Team

   Donna Martin, Owner & Winemaker



DSC_0062Steve Tudal

For Steve, wine started out as a curiosity that grew into an obsession to make the absolute best wines.

His obsession stems from the fact that he has a hand in everything at the winery.  As he puts it, “working here is the perfect mix of brawn and brains for me.  Doing total acidities in the lab one day and scrubbing a tank the next.”

Steve lives in Rowley with his wife, Shannon, children, Noah and Riley, and dog Jameson.





Al Martin

Al was the first employee at Mill River Winery. Since Day 1, he has done everything from breaking apart concrete with a pickaxe to helping clearing out the vineyard.  His main interest is learning about viticulture management.

Outside of the winery, Al is a freestyle skier and member of Reds in the North Shore Rugby League.





Charlotte Royer - Mill River Winery

Charlotte Royer

Charlotte is the newest member of the team.  She is a student at Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School.  She’ll be assisting with the special events and bookkeeping.

She is an accomplished Tenor Saxophonist.





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