Plum Island Wines

Plum Island Red

Plum Island Red Wine is blended to achieve an ideal combination of crisp berry fruit and light tannins. The result is an amazing new style of wine that is incredibly smooth and approachable. Serve slightly chilled by the beach, by the fire, during a holiday party or after work. Reconnect, Unwind. Have fun. Isn’t that just what the doctor ordered?

Tasting Notes: East Coast meets West Coast. A creative blend of Massachusetts and California Grapes lead to a new style of wine that is semi-dry, smooth and approachable.

Available to ship to MA, NH, FL, MN, DC, AK

Purchase Here: $14.95

Plum Island Red Dory from Mill River WineryPlum Island Red Dory

Each year, we New Englanders button down, bundle up and put our summer ‘toys’ away. Plum Island Red Dory celebrates the season that lies ahead. Red Dory pairs well with football, progressive dinners, bonfires and holiday parties.

Tasting Notes: Slightly sweet with aromas of plums and blackberries finishes with a kick of velvet spice.

Available to ship to MA, NH, FL, MN, DC, AK

Purchase Here: $15.95

Mill River Winery Plum Island WhitePlum Island White

Your perfect New England day describes Plum Island White. A day where the sun gods are smiling, the fish are biting and everything is right with the world. Enjoy the aromas of pear, citrus and honey with fish, pizza or poultry any time of the year. Put on your shades and cast a line off the shore to Plum Island White. Relax. Rejuvenate. No worries.

Tasting Notes: Light and semi-sweet with aromas of pear, citrus & honey.

Available to ship to MA, NH, FL, MN, DC, AK

Purchase Here: $12.95

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