Vineyard Walk


Pack a picnic and enjoy a lunch at our vineyard picnic tables!


Come Watch Us Grow!

June 2012, we planted Cayuga White and Frontenac Grapes along with many varieties of apple trees.  You are welcome to stroll through our vineyard walk and enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

As of August 2013, our vines are well on track to produce their first harvest in fall of 2014.  When you visit the vineyard you will see robust clusters of grapes forming on the vines.  However, the vines are still in the growth phase so we’re not able to use them in our wines yet.

Complementary ‘Dirt to Bottle’ tours are  offered on Saturday and Sunday at 3pm.  This tour includes a walk through our vineyard and a tour of our manufacturing room.  The vineyard part of the tour is weather permitting. (Tour is approximately 20 minutes.)

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